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Houston Termite Control

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Have you seen Termite Droppings?

Termite Droppings, Frass, Termite Poop, however you want to refer to it, don't take it lightly.

Termites will tear through wood fast and  as they bore through the wood, trails and piles will accumulate in certain areas. They will not be limited to these areas alone and the reason you want to address the issue fast. 

If you are seeing these small or large piles of Termite Droppings, schedule a Free Inspection with us today.  These may be located inside, outside near home or in yard. 

How to Stop Termites From Destroying Your Home in the Houston Area

Not sure if you have flying ants or Termites?

Termites will have wings larger than their body while an Ant's wings will be proportionate to their body. 

Flying Termites indicate you have an adult colony that is at least three to five years old. 

termite vs flying ant no logo.png

What does a Termite Look Like? What is the difference between Termites with wings and other termites?

Termite Types.png

To the left you will see a picture of the different types of termites that make up a colony. Termites in the colony have separate jobs and will be in different locations. When you see winged termites; they are swarmer termites looking to mate and begin a new colony. The swarmer termites indicate you have an adult colony that is at least 3-5 years in age. You will see termites in the yard and in the damaged wood. You may also see ants that will come in after the termites have done the damage and hollowed out sections of wood. 

What does Termite Damage Look Like?

You may see some or all of the following that will indicate termite damage.

  • Blistering Wood

  • Termite Droppings

  • Hollowed Wood - (Can hear hollow sound when tapping on wood.)

  • Wings from Termite Swarms

  • Mud Tubes

The video to the right will show Drywood termite damage on a home being treated in the Heights neighborhood of Houston, Texas

What families of Termite are in Houston Texas and surrounding area?

The three families of termites in Houston Texas and surrounding area include:


Color - Light Brown

Shape - Long, Narrow, Oval

Size - Up to 1"

Legs - 6

Antennae - Yes

Color - Creamy Brown

Shape - Long, Narrow, Oval

Size - Up to 1/8"

Legs - 6

Antennae - Yes


Color - Yellowish Brown

Shape - Long, Narrow, Oval

Size - Up to 1/2"

Legs - 6

Antennae - Yes

How much does Termite Treatment in Houston, TX cost?

The cost will vary depending on level of infestation. The key is to know and treat as fast as possible. Early detection of Termites may require only a spot treatment and cost in the hundreds to exterminate. Late detection when you have a large enough infestation to see visible damage, may cost in the thousands and this doesn't include the structural repair to wood inside the home. Keep in mind the termites colonize in the yard and spread to the home. By the time you see signs in the home, the colony has spread from your yard and been there over a year. 

What should you do now to get rid of termites in Houston?

Call Pestop today or send us a message for a Free Inspection. With over thirty years of experience, we can put a STOP to your termite problems. We will inspect your entire property and show you if you have any signs of termites and any changes needed to prevent termites. If termites are in your yard, act now! Don't let the colony spread to the home. 

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