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What causes these pest to infest a home or property? How do you find the pest? What do they eat? How can I prevent an infestation?

All pest are looking for the basic necessities, Food, Water, Shelter. Based on the conditions of your property and the surrounding properties, will either contribute to hosting or prevent pest. When you properly treat and maintain your property, the pest will move to the next location that will have the basic necessities available. That is why it requires a clean and maintained property to rid a location of pest. Below are details to know what the pest are looking for, how to see signs of the pest, along with Prevention required, Treatment and Maintenance.

Who are their Predators?

Birds and Woodpeckers

What are their Prey?


What do they eat and drink ?

Pollen and Nectar

Where do the Pest live or nest?


What are signs of damage from the Pest in the home or yard?

Damage will be seen in Wood Structure with Round Holes

How can I prevent an infestation of this pest?

Paint or Seal Wood

What are the commercial pest control services performed to treat this pest infestation?

Chemicals application and damaged wood removal are required to properly treat for Carpenter-Bees

What maintenance schedule is required to stay rid of these pest?

Pest Control Maintenance is performed on an as needed basis.

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