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Over 30 Years 

Controlling Pest, Termites & Mosquitoes 
for Houston Residential and Commercial Properties. 

Licensed & Insured Professional Exterminators


Pet Friendly Treatments

Or Call us
(713) 896-8850

Pestop has been providing Commercial and Residential Termite and Pest Control for Houston and surrounding area for over thirty years. We will provide you a free quote and determine what is required for initial treatment and control of your Termite or Pest Control infestation or prevention.


Pestop Qualifications for Service:

  • Licensed and Certified TechniciansT.W.I.C. Card for high security areas

  • W.D.I. Real Estate reports for New Construction for Commercial and Residential Pre-Treatments

  • U.S.D.A. approved warehouse services for Conducive condition and sanitation reports.


Pestop Affiliations:

  • BBB Gold Star Member National Pest Management Association

  • N.P.M.A.The Texas Pest Control Association T.P.C.A."

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